Mastering Growth

Personal growth is an odyssey. There are successes and failures. There are moments of joy and moments of pain. There are challenges to be overcome and lessons to be learned. For those willing to embark on the journey, the reward is priceless.

THE CRADLE is the place for people who are ready to take this path. Designed for leaders and influencers who are willing to go all-in and push themselves beyond their limits, THE CRADLE offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth.

We are six friends and international communication and personal development experts from Canada, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

We founded THE CRADLE in order to be able to offer you a unique platform for personal growth that none of us can offer individually. We bring together under one roof skill sets and expertise from the fields of business, theatre, law, entrepreneurship, human resources, public speaking, education and more.
Our current portfolio consists of the following programmes:

- Personal Growth: The Pitstop for Game Changers
- Leadership Growth: The Vulnerable Leader
- Communications Growth: Point X - Moving People to Action

To learn more about our portfolios, click on the images below for more information.

Sharing Wisdom

The Value of the Venue

The Value of the Venue

By Florian Mueck In October 2010 I fell in love. I fell deeply in love. I fell deeply in love with… the Artchimboldi. I’ve led corporate trainings in messy office spaces, gray meeting rooms, standard five-star hotel meeting rooms in the basement without daylight. I’ve experienced the whole range of training venues – from feng ...

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Do it the PLUSPLUS Way!

Do it the PLUSPLUS Way!

By Florian Mueck Since my very first test training in Barcelona in July 2009, I have only applied and accepted positive (PLUS) and constructive (PLUSPLUS) feedback. Inspiration had come from my years at Toastmasters International – an organization that truly lives the value of helping others grow. In my trainings, participants gain more self-confidence and ...

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In Dreamwork’s animated blockbuster Kung Fu Panda, Mr. Oogway, the wise turtle and master of Kung Fu, says over and over again: “There are no accidents.” Is it an accident that the Universe connected the six of us? Who knows. Whatever it was that brought us together at Toastmasters International, in Barcelona, at IESE Business School – ...

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Our Clients Love The Cradle

  • Paula Cambra Lopez, Antonio Puig (Point X)

    “I will never forget this experience! Thanks for helping us overcome our fears!”

    Paula Cambra Lopez, Antonio Puig (Point X)
  • Lola Martinez, CNN International (Pit Stop for Game Changers)

    “A very inspiring and educational experience! Thank you Florian and team for an enriching event. Something I highly recommend.”

    Lola Martinez, CNN International (Pit Stop for Game Changers)
  • Timo Buetefisch, Founder of Cooltra (Pit Stop for Game Changers)

    “After the Game Changers’ weekend I learnt how to take decisions with more courage.”

    Timo Buetefisch, Founder of Cooltra (Pit Stop for Game Changers)

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