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When you speak to people, there are two possible outcomes. Your audience might sit quietly while you are speaking, applaud politely when you have finished and forget everything when you have left. Or, your words might resonate so deeply that people act upon them.

If you prefer the second outcome, Point X is for you. Point X is a persuasive communication training for large groups with multiple mentors. Participants will improve their persuasive communication skills, gain self-confidence and grow as individuals and as a team. They will leave knowing how to move people to action.

  • Group size: Between 30 and 90 participants. No more than 15 participants per mentor.
  • Duration: Two days.
  • Value: 790€ / participant (<40 pax), 690€ / participant (>40 pax).
  • Booking deadline: Six months prior to the event.
  • Registration: Both public events organized by THE CRADLE and private events for clients.

Take a random group of colleagues who are tired, stressed and have a fear of public speaking. In two days, turn them into enthusiastic and motivated speakers, eager to try out their new-found persuasive communication skills. This video captures the end of a two-day course as the participants gear up for the final presentations:

The Agenda

Day 1

8:30 am – Arrival, networking and coffee

9:30 am – Logos, structure and Point X: Big group session driven by high level of interaction and energy

10:45 am – Break

11:00 am – Grabber, message, benefits, close: Big group session

12:15 pm – Speech preparation

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:15 pm – Practical session 1: One mentor and up to 15 participants

3:30 pm – Break

3:45 pm – Practical session 2

5:00 pm – Break

5:15 pm – Practical session 3

6:30 pm – End of day 1

Day 2

9:30 am – Arrival and coffee

10:00 am – The ethos speech: Past, present, future – Big group session

11:15 am – Speech preparation

11:45 am – Practical session 4

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:15 pm – Practical session 5

3:30 pm – Break

3:45 pm – Practical session 6

5:00 pm – Break

5:15 pm – Grand finale: Big group session

6:15 pm – End of program